America Enters the World War

Topics: World War I, World War II, Woodrow Wilson Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: December 4, 2012
America entered the war in 1917 because of two major acts on the behalf of Germany. America was also successfully able to fulfill its goals in World War 1. The first act from Germany was the use of submarine warfare. Then Germany sent out the Zimmerman Telegram. These actions made America join the war and come out successful.

In 1917 Germany decided to renew its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare that they had abandoned two years prier. Germany decided that because America was not a part of their alliance they were an enemy so they attacked with submarines. This affected America’s import and export of goods because Germen submarines would attack and sink ships with-out warning. This frustrates the country as a whole but America would still not declare war. America was able to overcome this problem by using convoy systems for merchant ship to sail safely with the help of warships.

Germany only infuriates America more by sending the Zimmerman Telegram. The British gave America an intercepted German telegram written by Zimmerman to Mexico. Zimmerman tried proposing the deal that if America and Germany went to war, Then Germany and Mexico would join in an alliance. In exchange Germany offered to fund Mexico’s fight and make sure Mexico gain back Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Mexico did not agree to the deal because they saw it was a plan that would only help to protect Germany its self. This made President Wilson see that war was inevitable so America declared war.

Overall America was successful in its goals in World War 1. The goal America was able to complete first was to protect merchant ships with the help of convoy systems. Next America wanted to cooperate with others at war with Germany with was probably the easiest to complete. Another big goal was to utilize and mobilize all of the country’s recourse's to win the war. America’s number one primary goal above everything was to protect democracy which they did.

There were two major acts on the...
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