America During the 60s

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Muhammad Ali and the Civil Rights Movement.
David Remnick’s King of the World, a national bestseller, describes the trials and tribulations politically, racially, and morally throughout the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Echoing the issues, that plagued the United States and fueled the turmoil that spread through not only the all American homes but the African American homes as well. By fusing Cassius clay, known better as Muhammad Ali, one of the most influential boxers in history into the book, we understand the historical significance that Ali played for not only the African Americans but also the civil rights movement. During the 50’s and 60’s the civil rights movement was a time where hope and change was needed, and never before have African Americans stood up for themselves as they did during this time. Rather than being looked at as objects of possession to do work and pushed aside, African Americans wanted a voice, and in many ways Muhammad Ali was that voice. Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. Living in the south, equality was not the main concern for the whites, although the Jim Crow laws were. Leaving lots of violence towards African Americans, which only fueled Muhammad Ali and pushed him to rebel. Everyone knew Muhammad Ali as someone to push back when someone antagonized him, and he proved that many times. Throughout the tough times in Ali’s life he had to defend himself in many ways, which is one of the many reason why he was a large contributor and voice for the civil rights movement. By using his boxing championship title as a weapon against social and unfair equality injustices, he became worldly known for his ways and approaches to situations. Malcolm X’s extreme and racial political views played a large part in Ali’s life and career; Ali took from his learning and heavily stood up for what he believed. Ali wanted the black men to stand up on their own two feet and make a difference. Hence his name changes to...
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