America and Globalization

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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America & Globalization
Patrick Dempsey
Baylor University

Author Note
Patrick Dempsey, Student, Baylor University
Correspondence concerning this paper should be addressed to Patrick Dempsey, Student, Baylor University, 4323 Loverboy Ave., Hollywood, CA 99929 Contact:

The purpose of this paper is to explore the idea that American corporations are working with international companies to help boost the economy. The paper focuses on the use of globalization as a primary tool towards accomplishing that goal. The paper also provides the reader with views from both supporters of globalization and opponents as well. The articles used for this paper give very interesting facts as well as views on both sides of the socio-economic table. In U.S Liberal Politics author Deborah White’s article “Pros and Cons of Free Trade” she discuses globalization in relation to free trade agreements and provides both pros and cons as well as a generalized definition of free trade. Meanwhile, Gary Hufbauer provides a more supporting article on Globalization supplied with studies and debates. As for Chris Isidore’s article, it focuses generally on the recessions from past to present and what trends are different and remain the same when it deals with the progression of the economy. Lastly, Wikipedia’s definition of ”Globalization” lays out in detail the history, timeline, business applications, and etc. about the economic reference. In like manner, this paper examines the overall analysis of globalization and how it relates to boosting the economy.

America & Globalization
One of the biggest topics today in America’s current events is the U.S. economy and the need for an economical boost. The U.S. declared the latest recession the biggest since the Great Depression. According to Chris Isidore (2010, p.1), “The Great Recession started in December 2007 and ended June 2009”. However, this information does nothing...
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