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By | Feb. 2012
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America’s Juvenile Delinquents
Tamika Deloach English Composition 106 Prof. Dr. Anthony Crisafi January 15, 2012

Juvenile delinquents have changed, and are getting away now with almost everything they do without a severe punishment. The juvenile system is very similar to New York's Family Court. The New York Family Court was originally sought to protect children who were getting in trouble with the law that still considered them infants, because of their young age. A teenager that is a criminal would not be tried or treated as an adult because of the teenager’s young age. The present juvenile court system actually encourages the young delinquent to continue criminal behavior by showing them that they can get away with a crime. The juvenile court system is very similar to the New York Family Court system which was made to protect children who are usually under the age of 18 who kept on running into trouble with law. It was designed to function as helping parents of juveniles. By protecting those kids who were younger from the age of 18 juveniles always used the system as a game and said, "I ain't sixteen yet," they cannot do anything to me. If the government then protects them and the juveniles gets no punishment, that means that the government is giving them a second chance repeating crimes. In the 1950's juvenile delinquents who were caught doing something illegal were not treated like an adult, because that delinquent was "not criminally responsible... by reason of infancy." A hearing though would be held but in private to protect the child's identity. But in the 1960's the juvenile court system changed and it gave juveniles who were called “respondents" instead criminals, the rights to have a lawyer represent them. On top of...

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