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Justin Steagall
8 November 2012
AP US Government and Politics
Mr. Soroka

The United States of America

The United States of America has continued to grow and change since it was founded. America’s political culture seen through a non american’s eyes is connected politically,socially, and economically. The political culture is brought together by these three categories, which starts off politically.

To be blunt, if America did not have politics, then there would be no political culture. America is mainly divided up by two political parties. The Democrats and the Republicans. This country is able to have these political parties due to their precedent government system. The United States of America is a republic, which means power is shared between the national government and the state government, This government system gives the citizens of America the power to have a say in government affairs and politics even if they do not hold a position in the government. This power is what connects the political culture socially.

The citizens of this country have many ways to exercise this power, but the main way they do it is by voting. American citizens have the power to vote for people in local government positions, such as a mayor of a city, but they also have the power to vote for higher positions, like the president of the country. Now more than ever America is socially connected. This is due to television, the internet, and cell phones. When it comes to election time, which actually just passed, politicians have a wider variety of ways to reach the citizens, whether it is with new stations like CNN, tv commercials, or social networks on the internet like Facebook and Twitter. This makes it hard for citizens to ignore politicians, which was rather easy in the past when such technology was not available. One thing that has always influenced people and politics is money.

Politics affect economics, which is why economics completes the political culture of...
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