America's Post-Civil War Growing Pains

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  • Published : August 3, 2012
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America’s Post-Civil War Growing Pains|
Assignment 1|
Michelle Lepri|
Professor Lisa Hawkins|

There were two major turning points during this period were the Reconstruction and Industrialization. The civil wars ended in 1865 and with the end of the civil war bought Reconstruction to the south from 1865 to 1877. The physical rebuilding of the southern region began quickly and progressed rapidly, but reconstructing southern society was much more difficult process, especially considering the political question about how to integrate rebel states back into the nations and the social question about how to integrate 4 million newly freed slaves. (Shultz 2012) In 1863, Lincoln had issued his Ten-Percent Plan, which offered amnesty to any southerner who proclaimed loyalty to the union and support of emancipation of slaves. (Shultz, 2012) Lincoln was trying to drain the support to the confederacy and shorten the war by making the Ten-Percent look easy. Reconstruction age did little to help newly freed slaves, while President Lincoln wanted the freed slaves to receive new opportunities, like purchase land, education, voting rights, etc. All of that was cut short because the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865, Lincoln’s deep empathy would be missed as the battle to reconstruct the nation now took place between defiant congressional republicans and the insecure man who had stumbled into the presidency Andrew Johnson. (Shultz, 2012) If President Lincoln had not been assassinated it would have had been different when it came to freed slaves and their rights, when Lincoln was going so was his view on what needed to change. Without the reconstruction age we wouldn’t have had these significant achievements, including two new constitutional amendments, the first civil rights law, and the abolition of slavery. (Shultz, 2012) Industrialization helped to mold America into a superpower. “Industrialization is defined as a transformation in the...
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