America's Obsession with Youth

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Look younger, feel younger, is the new American obsession. Today in society adults want to be young again and are willing to do anything to achieve their youthful stages again. Youth can be a physical appearance as well as a mental state that is similar to that of a child. Why is it that American’s desire to be young again? After all, in our youth didn’t we all desire to become adults? The naivety of youth is so attractive to adults due to the stressful lives that adults lead in our era.

The other day a group of friends and I were discussing how much we miss our grade school days. We laughed and laughed about the silly choices we made, our carefree lifestyle, and our lack of responsibility. We all agreed that it would be great to be able to live like that again. Then I began to think, why do I miss those times so much? I had a curfew, was unable to drive, and was allowed so little freedom. It was the lack of worries and the overwhelming feeling of no matter what trouble I got in, my parents would be there to bail me out that was so attractive to me.

Our youth desire to become adults. Youth are known for needing immediate gratification. Adolescent girls wear clothing which are too revealing, but feel they need to do so because it makes them feel mature. Teenagers are buying fake identification cards in order to get into bars and clubs where adults socialize. The desire for youth to adults and adults to be youthful is an example of “the grass is always greener on the other side”. American society is never satisfied. We always want what we do not have.

Youth is something that no one can put a price on. Juwan Howard is professional basketball player who is now thirty-eight years old. Since going pro he has made an estimated fifteen million dollars a year. Recently in a interview for ESPN’s documentary “The Fab 5” Juwan told interviewers that his high school and early collegiate years are his favorite time of his life. How could a man who has such wealth and...
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