America's Involvement with Cuba

Topics: United States, William McKinley, Treaty of Paris Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: March 7, 2013
America’s involvement with Cuba caused a war to break out which was known as the Spanish-American War. This was taken place during the 1890’s. American became involved with Cuba which then led to President McKinley to be forced into going into war with Spain. American’s involvement with Cuba played a mjor role in why McKinley was forced to go to war which then led to the end result of the war. Through this time period in started with how America became involved with cuba, why mckinley was forced to go into war and what was the end result of all of this. In the beginning of 1895 is where it all started. In 1895, Cuba attempted to overthrow Spanish colonial rule. The rebels received financial assistance from private U.S. interests and used America as a base of operations from which to attack. A Revolution broke out partially in response to a high sugar tariff by the United States. From 1868 to 1898, there was a growing Cuban Independence Movement. Spain, who was in charge of Cuba at the time, were setting up concentration camps. The Spanish military responding in brutal force approximately killed 100,000 Cuban civilians wretched conditions of the Spanish concentration camps between 1895 and 1898. Because of the "yellow journalism" of William Randolph Hearst and another paper, the Pulitzer, many Americans were becoming sympathizers of the Cuban Revolutionaries. With all of this going on it pressured President McKinley to make a move.

On February 17, 1898, the battleship USS Maine, moored in Havana's harbor, sank after being rocked by two explosions which 252 men onboard were killed. After the explosion of the USS Maine, the US public was whipped up into an anti-Spanish hysteria. McKinley originally tried to avoid an armed conflict with Spain, but the American media, led by newspaper baron Randolph Hearst, lambasted McKinley as weak and whipped up popular sentiment for a war to give Cubans their independence. Hawks in the media and within the government...
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