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Recently, our country has experienced a downfall of intellect. Even students from top universities like Harvard, Yale, and Brown cannot pass a simple, straightforward high school level exam. Our nation’s schools are lowering their standards thus making students feel that it is acceptable to be stupid. Although some may argue that America is a nation that generates genius’, there has been an increasing demise in the U.S. education system as exemplified in the unpopular truth of “The Banking of Education”, in the stunningly, worrisome television show “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader”, and in the shocking stupidity of many recently elected officials, all of which portray how our country is raising a nation of ignorants. One may argue that not all students are subject to the demise of education. Many private schools that have unlimited budgets can afford to buy their students more resources (new textbooks every year, computers for every student, an updated library with thousands of books) to better educate them. Since private schools are not funded based on how well their students may score on a standardized test, teachers have the freedom to expand on many important concepts that are not a part of a standard public school curriculum. Some fortunate children in public schools may have families that teach them important ideas at home. Certain parents may expect their children to be very knowledgeable. However, the majority of America’s youth is sucumbing to stupidity. Adults are becoming increasingly ignorant as well! Schoolteachers are not to blame for this downfall; the lack of importance our society has towards education is causing these issues. Paulo Freie’s excerpt: “The Banking Concept of Education” explains an excellent theory of why school children aren’t producing knowledge. Freire develops an analogy comparing the banking system and the education system of America. According to Freie, “The teacher talks about reality as if it were motionless,...
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