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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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TO: Chief Scribe
DATE: February 7, 2012
SUBJECT: Response to your requests
In this memo, I will respond to your requests. I will explain the relationship between Sihathor and Pemsah’s corn farms measurements and the phenomena and attributes of interest as they relate to Amenohotep’s land. I will assess which of two nobles did better job with his land. Finally, I will discuss the problem of mice in Pemsah’s corn granary and its effects on the measurements I provide you. Measurements, Phenomena and Attribute of Interests

Amenhotep gave Sihathor 20,000 west of the Nile River region, and 10,000 sacks of corn to plant. He gave Pemsah 7,000 sacks of corn to plant and 15,000 arura in the eastern. By the end of harvest year, Sihathor and Pemsah’s fields yielded respectively 50,200 and 34,300 sacks of corn. The number of sacks of corn is the measurement of interest. A measurement assigns numbers to represent the magnitude of an attribute of the phenomenon. The phenomenon in this case was Sihathor and Pemsah’s fields; the fields were the objects being measured. The attribute or the characteristic of the phenomenon we measured was the profitability of Sihathor and Pemsah’s fields. Assessment on Profitability of the two nobles

Sihathor received 10,000 sacks of corn to plant. His field produced 50,200 sacks of corn with a productivity of 5.02 sacks per sack of corn planted. Pemsah received 7,000 sacks to plant and his fields yielded 34,300 with 4.9 sacks produced per sacks of corn planted. You would note that this measurement is not a good indication for the farms’ profitability. The land Sihathor received was more fertile than Pemsah’s land. Consequently, we would advise that you take into account the net income and the total production of corn to measure profitability. By computing Sihathor’s net income of 21,796 sacks divided by 50,200, the total sacks of corn produced of we obtain Sihathor corn...
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