Amelia Earhart Women Role Investigation

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  • Published: September 17, 2014
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Amelia Earhart: Role in Woman Status
Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas, and died on January 5, 1939. Earhart is an international hero and between 1930 and 1935 she set seven women distance aviation and speed records. Earhart wanted to be the first women to fly around the world. Many things that she has done were considered unladylike at that time period. She was talked bad about and unsupported; yet that didn't change her determination to accomplish and reach her dreams. The courage and difference of her later enlightened many young ladies to pursue their dreams. Through the research I’ve made a conclusion that the reasons for Amelia Earhart to be different from other women and act as a role model for many women later is due to her dissimilar experience she has growing up. During the early 20th century, women generally had fewer legal rights and career opportunities. (WIC) Traditional women often was expected to be in charge of maintaining the house clean, the food ready, the clothes washed, the children safe, the home welcoming. (4.1 Timeline…)Rarely was any woman taking on the responsibility of raising the family by working. A woman generally was like an object of her man, powerless and incapable. (Women History) Men were mostly disrespectful and controlled and limited the freedom of its women. Hardly was a woman able to standup and decide her own life. Each and every activity was categorized as whether it’s suitable for a man or a woman. By chance if a woman or man does an activity that was categorized to be for the other gender they were talked bad about. (WIC) Due to the huge contrast Amelia Earhart and typical women had, the interest she had in “unladylike” activity like flying seemed very strange. However, she didn’t care about being different and strange, instead she decides to continue and ignore the comments others make on her. (The Official Website…) The bravery of her certainly should be respected and appreciated; yet no one at that time period realized. As a child Amelia Earhart lived with her wealthy grandparents till 12 and attended private school. (Szaley) She and her sister often explored their neighborhood, climbed trees, rode sleds and hunted for rats. They had a plentiful childhood with a lot of freedom to explore their interest and be themselves. They had a lot of friends and were always spending the majority of their time with other kids mostly older than them. (Biography-Lifetime)This practiced Amelia’s ability to overcome challenges and make her own decisions without doubt. The situation in her directed family was much different; her dad was an alcoholic that was unable to benefit the family by being responsible. (The Official Website…) The whole family relied on her mom and most of their money was taken by her dad to buy drinks. The economic condition was very harsh; they barely had enough money to supply their everyday needs. This resulted Amelia to be constantly changing schools. By having to fit in new environment frequently, Amelia develop a unique ability to quickly adapt to new things and take on responsibilities. Due to her family, she was a very independent and strong girl. She was always considered a great friend for guys and was always a girl that was a tomboy. (Biography-Lifetime) During one Christmas, she visited her sister in Canada and saw wounded soldiers that just came back from WW1. With this chance she volunteered to be a nurse on the Red Cross. During her volunteering session she treated a lot of wounded pilots that got her to admire pilots. (Szaley) Coincidently,in 1920 she got a chance to view the Long Beach Air Show in 1920 and experienced 20 minutes of a plane ride. When she landed, she knew clearly she had to learn how to fly a plane and be a pilot. With this goal in mind, she started working for differ positions to earn enough money to get lessons from pioneer female aviator Anita Shock. Shortly in 1921 she purchased her first plane in 1921....
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