Amelia Earhart Essay 1

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Amelia Earhart Essay 1

By | October 2011
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Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897. She was the first women who flew aviatrix (a person who fly’s in an aircraft) alone. Amelia flew across the Atlantic Ocean. She was born to Samuel “Edwin” Stanton Earhart. Amelia was born in Atchison, Kansas. Her family was her grandparents, parents, and one sister. Her grandparent’s names were Amelia Otis (grandmother) and Alfred Gideon Otis (grandfather) was born on 1827 and died on1912. Her father Samuel “Edwin “Stanton Earhart was born on March 28, 1867. Her mother was Amelia “Amy” Otis Earhart (1869-1962). Amelia was named after her two grandmother’s Amelia Josephine Harres and Mary Wells Patton. Amelia’s younger sister was Grace Muriel Earhart (1899-1998). Amelia had a spirit of adventure and will always play with her sister. She would explore the neighborhood and do stuff like climb trees or hunt rats with a rifle. She loved the outdoors. In 1904 she, her sister and uncle all made a home-made ramp after a rollercoaster she saw at St. Louis. Amelia secured the ramp on the roof of the family tool shed. Her first flight ended dramatically as she fell down. She had a bruised lip and a torn dress. She said that it felt like flying. Amelia’s father got a new job which made them move to Des Moines, Iowa. At ten she saw her first aircraft. Amelia and her 2 sisters stayed with their grandparents and were home-schooled. She enjoyed reading and spent countless hours reading. When the Earhart family was re-united Amelia and her sisters were enrolled to a public school for the first time. Amelia was entering the seventh grade at the age...

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