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Amelia Earhart, Amelia (film)

Amelia Earhart was quoted, “’The most effective way to do it, is to do it’” (Briany Quote). This paradigm, made sure she did it. Amelia Earhart was a role model for many women across the nation. She was an aviator that took pride in the image she stood for: that women could/ can do anything they set their mind to, just like the men do. From her childhood, to her achievements of greatness, Amelia had a rough, twisted, and eventful life. Earhart is now known for her courage, record setting achievements, and most of all her mysterious disappearance.

Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 at 11:30 pm, to Amy Otis and Edwin Earhart. Her younger sister, Meriel, was born two years later. The girls stayed with their grandparents for most of the duration of their school years; but with their chaotic lives, of course, Amelia moved to six different schools before she graduated from Hyde Park High School. Earhart played basketball in high school, and then played hockey while attending college at Ogonotz School. Amelia was voted vice- president of her class, her senior year of college, but did not complete that year of school because she moved to Toronto to become a voluntary nurse at Spanida Military Convalescent Hospital. A year later she came back home to live with her mother and sister given that her parents had gotten a divorce. She had had lots of different jobs in between her job as a nurse to her job, later, as a social worker.

In the midst of all of her college life Amelia had taken her first ten minute airplane ride for one dollar, and at that very moment she decided set her mind to learning how to fly. All of the different jobs she had, helped get her 1,000 dollars for flying lessons. Netta Snook (Snooky) was her first flying instructor and she started her first flying lesson on January 3, 1921. She also obtained her first airplane, a secondhand yellow Kinner Airster, she named “The Canary”, in 1901. She worked in a photography studio and as...
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