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Amelia Earhart was raised to believe that girls could do whatever boys could do. This was a different way of thinking back then. Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Amelia’s father worked for the railroad, this meant that he had to travel a lot. Amelia’s mother often went with him, so Amelia and her sister lived with their wealthy grandparents for much of their childhood. Amelia’s mother wanted the girls to have fun, so she made them gym shorts to wear so they didn’t have to play in skirts like the other girls at that time. Amelia loved to play sports like basketball and football, but she especially loved to go on adventures. She and her sister would sit in an old carriage in the garage reading maps and pretending to go to the places on the map. Her favorite place to go was Africa. When Amelia turned ten, her father got a promotion with the railroad and the family moved to Iowa. That summer Amelia’s father took the family to the Iowa State Fair. While at the fair Amelia and her parents saw a strange new machine, an airplane. In 1908 most people had never even ridden in a car, yet there was this flying machine behind the fence. Amelia did not remember being impressed by the airplane, little did she know that she would become famous later in life for flying one. During World War I, Amelia decided that she had to put finishing college on hold and she took a job working as a nurse in a hospital for wounded soldiers. Amelia worked many long hard hours at the hospital. For fun, she would go to a nearby field and watch pilots take off and land. When the war ended, Amelia decided to go back to college. However, she could not stop thinking about the airplanes she used to watch on her free time. One day Amelia’s father took her to an airshow and she was able to take a ride in a plane. As soon as the plane took off, she knew she had to get her own plane and license. That night at the dinner table she announced that she was going to take...
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