Ambrose Berce

Topics: Short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce Pages: 3 (1270 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Kassey Benton
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Term Paper.
In The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce: Volume 2 by Ambrose Bierce, the author explains to the reader the adjustment a soldier has to make when dealing with war, by showing the way their lives have changed, the tolls it takes on the families they are leaving behind, and the physiological effect of the war.

Ambrose Bierce demonstrates the adjustment a soldier has to make by explaining their life before the war and what it was like during the war. Most of the soldiers are used to a normal life, so having their life in danger everywhere they go and every move they make is something they are defiantly not used to. Bierce shows this type of adjustment in several different ways. In the story A Horseman in the Sky (pg.5), he talks about Carter Druse, he was an only child, and had two very wealthy parents. He was used to living life with such ease and cultivation, until he decided to join the union. It took a lot of courage and devotion to leave his old ways behind and become a true soldier but he eventually commended himself to his fellow soldiers and officers. On post after a long day of marching he grew fatigued and fell asleep. When he woke, he noticed that someone had been watching him so he acted as if he had been shot. He grew very pale and every limb on his body shook. His life had never been in true danger before and Bierce captured every little detail of his fear to enhance the way the reader felt about him. Bierce included this story in his book to show that soldiers come from all different backgrounds and they can change for the better when it comes to protecting their country. Another way Bierce shows the transition is in the short story An Affair of Outpost: Section 1. Concerning the wish to be dead (pg.32). In this short story the governor is reviewing an application to join military commission, the young man applying was a southern and at the time the north and the south didn’t get along. The governor rejects...
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