Ambition Within the Tragedy of Macbeth

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Ambition within the tragedy of Macbeth
Ambition is often the driving force in one’s life. In the play William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, one of the most important themes is the significance of Ambition. According to the Webster dictionary, ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve typically requiring determination and hard work. The power of ambition gives undying strength to do your utmost over and over again. Malcomn, Macbeth, and Lady Macbeth serves primary example as a victim of ambition. Ambition is the reason that makes them kill for their own desire and greed. The cause of the tragedy of Macbeth is ambition because in the play, Ambition is represented as vengeance, competence and violence. Some people strongly believe that guilt is the main cause of the tragedy of Macbeth. Guilt causes Madness. Madness is the reason that people in the play become vulnerable and haunts them because they have taken human lives. Even though, the opinions and views seem valid, the arguments within guilt are yet not convincing. Guilt different from Ambition, and even if it gives positive or negative motives, it still shows that ambition is the cause of the weakness and the downfall of the character. Ambition represents vengeance. After the death of his father, Malcomn becomes ambitious then turned powerful which leads him forget all moral values and disregards the feeling of others. Firstly, when Macduff hears the news that his family was murdered, he begins to despair and his own rage consumed him while Malcomn not wanting anything to get in the way of his ambition tells to Macduff to “Dispute it like a man” (IV.iii.226). Secondly, Malcomn doesn’t want Macduff’s emotions interfere to his objective of destroying Macbeth. Malcomn then tells to Macduff to, “Be this the whetstone of your sword. Let grief / Convert to anger; blunt not the heart, enrage it” (IV.iii.235-236). Thirdly, Malcomn feels sorry for Macduff however Malcomn wants put more focus above anything else...
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