Ambition: Understanding The Flame Of Ambition

Topics: Dream, Theodore Roosevelt, Daydream Pages: 4 (1528 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Understanding the Flame of Ambition
By: HeCareth “Keith” Adefila
What is it that could make a child, discouraged by friends, relatives, and even teachers, to drop out of school, decide defiantly not to listen? Denouncing, day after day throughout school, the seemingly endless onslaught of suggestions by others, I was a child who did exactly that, a boy who boldly opposed a homeroom teacher suggesting that school is not for everyone. Moving on, to achieve academic distinction was not applauded by the same levels of opposition. Ambition is the entity that makes a goal chased without thanks or gratitude rational. Without ambition, it is hard to conceive this kind of successful outcome. Ambition is the drive that pushes someone forward, and if they stumble, and fall, the energy to pick oneself back up and be more determined than ever to achieve what they are after. There are different types of ambition and the ways they can be applied are abundant. Nevertheless there is one thing about this word’s definition that stays constant. Ambition will always relate to a desire or effort. Whether it is striving to get ahead past situations, having an urge but not knowing where it came from, or motivation to prove oneself to others, these two criteria remain. Once noted it will always relate to desire or effort, a thesis about ambition can be realized. Using different types of the expression of ambition including, ambitious attitudes as well as ambitious ideas and ambitious behavior, it can understood when it’s all said and done, ambition without the effort is merely a dream. II.

It is easy to see the effect of ambitious effort in attitudes. Positive attitudes like being optimistic can be seen as ambitions because it is a pre-determined outlook to get the positives out of every situation. At times when an optimistic person has every reason to frown, he can choose to smile, a difficult task none the less which takes desire and plenty effort. On the other hand, negative...
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