Ambition in Life

Topics: Swami Vivekananda, Want, Person Pages: 3 (735 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something in life. A person without any ambition is like a boat without rudder. Having an ambition needs continuous efforts towards achieving it. One cannot achieve anything if one just day dreams and does nothing.

A strong will-power and determination will carry a person forward against all obstacles. Different people have different ambitions. Some aim to become teachers, soldiers, artists, politicians, doctors, engineers etc. Some try to amass wealth and some run after the name and fame. There are others who aim to serve humanity. One should have a noble aim in life and strive hard honestly, sincerely and with dedication to achieve it.

A person with an ambition should not be dependent upon circumstances. He should move ahead facing all the odds and difficulties that hinder his progress. He should have the firm determination to achieve his aim. His will-power and determination will carry him forward. Obstacles in his way will not lead him astray.

An ideal person always tires to achieve his goal. Aspiring for great things in life is human tendency. The youth of today wants to scale the greater heights of success. if we dream for the stars, we will at least reach the moon.

Different people have different ambitions in life. The nature of ambition varies from persons to person. It depends upon one's family background, upbringing, social status and economic condition.

Swami Vivekananda said that, "Man is master of his destiny". He said that by will-power alone we an fully determine and control our actions and thereby change the course of Fate. But many people believe, with firm conviction, in the inscrutable hand of Fate. In fact, in India fatalism is very much present among all cross-section of the population.

Intellectuals aim at achieving excellence in art, science or similar field. They struggle hard to fulfill their aim. They strive to achieve great heights of fame and glory. Their hard work brings them...
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