Ambiguous Loss

Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Mind Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: March 26, 2013
The first type of Ambiguous loss is “people are physically absent but psychologically present “an example would be a parent has has to go to work and stay gone for weeks at a time. Another example is a mother that has moved away and is several states away, you know they are not physically there but they are always psychologically there in your mind and heart. The second one is “Family members are physically present but psychologically absent” I think this is like a spouse being depressed and unable to cope with daily activities, they are physically there but their mind psychologically is not, they need help and understanding. I think migrants feel forced to leave their own country and families behind in order to find work to support their families. It’s hard when they have to work for so little pay in their own countries and then they see the American dream of owning your own home, making lots of money from work they already do and get little pay in their home towns, even if it’s just to do seasonal work that’s money that they would otherwise not have. We have some seasonal workers living across the street from us and they are very nice, they go home on a couple of holidays a year to see their families and take them gifts. When you see them all they do is work and sleep and when they’re not doing that they are on the phone talking to their families. I think sometimes how would Ai feel in their shoes? I don’t think I would like having to leave my kids behind and only talk to them on the phone or see them just a couple times a year in order to keep them fed and in school. I think the conflict theory would work her, our text book states on page 32,”No matter what a social problem may look like on its surface, at its essence lies conflict over limited resources between the more and less powerful. As the more powerful exploit society’s resources and oppress the less powerful, they create such social problems as poverty and discrimination. As those who are exploited...
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