Ambiguous Adventure

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: May 6, 2011

Ambiguous Adventure written by Cheikh Hamidou Kane talks about the life of Samba Diallo and his “adventure” which brings change to himself as well as his people. Black Skin, White Masks is written by Frantz Fanon and is criticizing the outlook of black people on themselves as well as how they see others. In the paragraphs below my response about the two books will be given. Ambiguous Adventure has education as a key theme. It talks about the sacrifice that the Diallobe people make by allowing their children to enroll in the white man’s school in order to protect the future of their people knowing that there is a possibility that the children would lose all knowledge about their culture and traditions. This novel also has the theme of belonging and acceptance. Samba has been exposed to two cultures and now feels that none of these cultures are his own. His generation has been mixed with two cultures that the only way to move forward would be to make their own culture. In Black Skin, White Masks accepting oneself is what in my opinion Frantz talks about. In connection to Ambiguous Adventure, one has to stop moaning about what has happened to him and start looking towards the future and that’s what Samba does. Black Skin, White Masks adds more understanding into the struggles of the black man which creates an insight into the life of Samba Diallobe and his people. It tells them that they should cut their loses short and move on with lives.
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