Ambiguity, a Human Trait, Crime and Punishment

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  • Published : October 11, 2005
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Ambiguity, a Human Trait
Most of the characters in Crime and Punishment were consumed by opposing feelings; they faced inner confusion. Dunya didn't know whether to choose Luzhin or her brother. Pulcheria Alexanrovna didn't know what side to assert herself on in the aforementioned situation. Sonya was torn between her best interests or that of her step-siblings and Luzhin couldn't decide whether to put aside his pride and apologize to Dunya, or stand tall like an erect peacock. The character that faced the utmost inner turmoil was Raskolnikov. His conscious told him to confess the murder, while his heart was unsure if he was ready to give himself up. Raskolnikov's indecisiveness and guilt caused him illness: paranoia, depression, and slight delirium. They became his character. Rodya's ambiguity about his actions after he killed Alyona Ivanovna and her sister, Lizaveta, was what made his character so alluring and intriguing. Each character had their own inner conflictions, none too extreme though, both sides were understandable. While both sides of Raskolnikov's situation were very comprehensible, his uncertainty in his actions was the result of the biggest occurrence, the murder of two innocent women. Since his indecision stemmed from such a life altering (literally) action, his ambiguity and way of dealing with it was unquestionably the most intense conflict of the book. My response to Raskolnikov's attitude about his actions was what intrigued me the most about Crime and Punishment. Raskolnikov, a poor former student living in quite disturbing surroundings, kills two women. His motive wasn't even quite clear. He then lies to everyone around him about the crime he committed. Even though the character I just described sounds like an awful human being, I found myself being attracted to and even feeling pity for him, as well as being repulsed by him. I credit these feeling to the ambiguity of his character, I could feel his guilt and shame, but then I would feel...
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