Amb200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item1: Portfolio Sem2 2012

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AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item 1: Portfolio Sem 2 2012| Student name: Ling Yan WongStudent number: 07633599|
Tutorial time: Wednesday, 11a.m.-12a.m.Tutorial number:Tutor:|


The consumer behaviour that I have selected is “choosing a restaurant for a special occasion”. In this case, I would like to choose a restaurant to celebrate my boyfriend’s 24th birthday. The ideal restaurant should be brand new; the environment should be romantic and comfortable. The food needs to be delicious and delicate. I hope to find a romantic western style restaurant which with beautiful night views. Red wines and desserts are required. I cannot drive so I need a restaurant which the location is convenient.

I use extended problem solving which I did many researches and take a long time to evaluation before choosing the ideal restaurant. I am rational decision style because I made the decision based on reason and facts. When I found the service attitude of the staffs in the restaurant was bad, I complained to the manager because I am type to speak up for what I believe is correct, and it is related to my response towards complaint (Cluster 3) and my complaint attitude. However, I would sometimes affected by perceptual distortions such as physical appearances, irrelevant cues and first impressions. For example, some restaurants with cheaper price of meal can draw my attention even the restaurant is not the type of what I need. In this consumer behavior case, reasoning learning is most relevant.

Worksheet 1 – TITLE
Tutorial 2 – Decision-making

Activity 2 - What types of decisions do you make?

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this tutorial, students should be able to: * categorise examples of their own consumer behaviour
* compare and contrast limited and extended problem solving * explain their own consumer behaviour using the decision making process framework

Part A - Knowledge

1. Choose a consumer behaviour that you have done in the last month from the following list:

* Buying a PC/laptop/high- technology item

* Booking/arranging/going on an overseas holiday

* Selecting a university

* Going to the movies

* Choosing a restaurant for a special occasion

* Evaluating and selecting a mobile phone plan

* Choosing to do volunteer work

* Buying a fashion item

* Going to a concert

* Changing a habit (stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, taking more exercise, eating more healthil

2. Think about how you made the decision to do that behaviour. Now circle the way you did information search, evaluation and purchase.

| Limited problem solving| Extended problem solving| Information search| Low risk and involvementLittle searchInformation processed passivelyIn-store decision likely| High risk and involvementExtensive searchInformation processed activelyMultiple sources consulted prior to store visits| Alternative evaluation| Weakly held beliefsOnly most prominent criteria usedAlternatives perceived as basically similar Non-compensatory strategy used| Strongly held beliefsMany criteria usedSignificant differences perceived between alternativesCompensatory strategy used| Purchase| Limited shopping time; may prefer self-serviceChoice often influenced by store displays| Many outlets shopped if neededCommunication with store personnel often desirable|

3. Now based on the table above, classify the behaviour into one of these two categories:

[ ] Limited problem solving
[ ] Extended problem solving

4. For this decision, what was your decision style?

[ ] Rational
[ ] Automated

In groups of the same decision style (rational or automated) discuss: What feature of the behaviour you have in...
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