Amazon's Management Information System

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Management information System
Outlines of Amazon project
By: Sara Aydin & Islam surmini

Outlines :
information system use by amazon: Amazon uses information systems to improve profitability faster and its current financial situation, strategic position, market share, and intangible benefits give evidence of that the company's IT and IS strategies worked as expected One of the strength that Amazon possess as an online retailer is that they can manage their information systems i.e. data, information, transaction and logistics processes in an effective manner. Amazon believes in creating investments in their information systems in order to create value and increase profitability. information technology in use Amazon's Customer Relations Management (CRM) system  . Amazon's Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System Value. Amazon's There are two mains system that has developed for their business system, namely, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) and S3 (Simple Storage Service). SCM system Value. the influence and effects of system on business: Another business system is the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). It is design to make web-scale computing easier by providing web service interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web Web Information Systems (WIS)

The Internet is where the concepts of interaction and hyper-linking combine to offer vast amounts of pre-purchase data, everything from users' raves and rants. According to Jacks, information systems contribute to organisational success by increasing profitability and productivity, and providing other intangible benefits such as customer loyalty. Subsequently, Amazon's case study illustrates the perfect example of how an organisation obtains value for money of their information systems investments. The effective use of information systems has allowed the company to improve the efficiency of its distribution...
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