Amazon Rainforest Issues

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Rainforest, Brazil Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: December 6, 2011
When you think about global issues, what’re some things that come to mind? War, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, etc. Most people do not think of the Amazon rainforest as a global issue, but it is swiftly becoming a large problem.

The Amazon rainforest is covers a vast area of South America, housing some of the most magnificent plant species and animals, some found nowhere else in the world. Loggers, a group of people that use the rainforest to cut down the trees for wood, are a huge problem in the rainforest. Deforestation is killing acres and acres of land, cause at least 35 species of plants and animals to become extinct every day. These loggers need to stop this process quickly; otherwise the rainforest’s fate may be complete extinction.

Many people may argue that the loggers are only there to help Brazil’s economy and to provide us with the wood and paper we need, but they are also taking away much of the worlds oxygen. Brazil’s economy does not solely depend on the loggers, and we do not have to depend on the Amazon rainforest’s wood. Also, people argue that this provides hundreds of jobs for the unemployed. Yes, this may be true, but there should be other job opportunities. If Brazil begins to promote ecotourism, many of the loggers could find a job working in the new industry. I believe Brazil could make an equal amount of money promoting ecotourism than cutting down precious trees and destroying ecosystems.

Not all people are for logging and ranching, of course. The Environmentalists, Rubber Tappers, and Natives all want whats best for the rainforest and its precious creatures. The Rubber Tappers are a group in the rainforest that do not harm the trees, by safely collecting the rubber sap to be made into many things. They are angry with many of the loggers and ranchers, feeling that their land is being taken away. I agree, I feel that they deserve a right to the land because they do not harm it. Also, I feel the Natives are the group who deserves much...
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