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Jeff Bezos, Amazon.Com
Jeff Bezos CEO of the biggest online retailer in the world, the people who knows him says he is incredibly optimistic and he has a way of infecting this to the people surrounding him. For example when the book barons at Barnes & Noble launched their rival Web site, Forrester Research chief George Colony famously predicted that Bezos's little venture was "Amazon.toast” and the shares fell from $50 to 6$ and still Bezos remained sanguine. Bezos believes in transparency and considers it one of the corners that the business should be built on in 1990s he said it that the “world is getting more transparent”. Also he is customer orientated nature he always sets plans to the customer’s benefit even if these plans will increase the EPS on the very long run like 7 years or so but he believes that if the company is Customer focused this will make the company a market leader. Experimentation reduces the cost incredibly so Jeff has developed a huge Web-Lab to test each single new feature in his website. ”That is a huge laboratory for us, and we've put a lot of energy into trying to figure out how to be very low cost with those experiments so that we &to run a much larger number of them.” Harvard business school review 2007. At last but not the least Jeff Bezos has very high tolerance on differences he actually values the differences and believes that we can learn from our differences and this was shown he said that when launching a new product someone wears the white hat and says why should we do it and another wears the black hat and say shouldn’t we… Optimistic: They came away with a sense that Amazon's strategy and culture are rooted in a sturdy entrepreneurial optimism. The following is an edited presentation of those talks “Harvard Business School review 2007”

Transparency: Another thing that we believe is pretty fundamental is that the world is getting increasingly transparent- “Harvard Business School review...
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