Amazon Information System

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  • Published : August 22, 2012
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Amazon Evolution
Ruby Smith
IRN 9037327180
May 4, 2012
Dr. Shawn Rieder

Amazon Information system
According to text amazon decreased in business amazon had a problem in profit and growth that investors expected. Goggle is an information system that has replaced or taken over sites such as amazon it is to the place where many people have start their shopping. Goggle also own other web based sites such as you-tube my space are the most places where people gather online and shop eventually as well. With this being said amazon has come with a strategy from being an on retailer to offering computing storage and other technical services to business and individuals. To my understanding amazon will continue to be an online retailer and technical servicer according to the case study there are three areas that amazon offers simple storage service, elastic computer cloud, and the mechanical turk service. According the use of the component simple storage service is used for business to store data and application on amazon disk drives the business pays amazon monthly for this service. Elastic computer cloud is where amazon profit by renting out this service to all users the service is rented by the hour the mechanical turk is a combination of services that keep record and transcribe audio and will be able to pick up any appropriate behavior. When amazon invested in these components the business increased and prospered which attracted more clients. My opinion is if these components are not managed wisely and knowledgeable with responsibility there could be a data management issue. The amazon components must be placed in the hands of a professional manager to prevent information lost. Amazon has business investors that invest money into their business system when money is involved clients will expect the best performance they want all information to remain private and confidential. My conclusion is even though amazon have competitor...
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