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Online shopping has become very popular in recent years. That explain why so many online companies have become so successful. One example is
The executives at this company had to come up with new strategies to help stand above others. One competitive priority is cost-leadership - pursued by by differentiating itself primarily on the basis of price. Due to this strategy, always makes sure that it offers the same quality products as other companies for a considerably less price. Another competitive priority is customer differentiation. provides current and prospective customers with differentiation though design, quality or convenience and always selects a differentiator that is different among the competitor. There is a variety of books available for shipping the next day. So, consumers can recognize and differentiate its product from is known for their on-time delivery. The last competitive priority that it uses, is focus. focuses on outstanding customer service with operators available any time and return policies that are easy for the customer.

Operations strategy along with marketing strategy and financial strategy form the business strategy that a company adopts to perform day to day operations. should continue to pay attention to the "voice" of the customer, to identify their needs so that they can be competitive in the marketplace. The company should continue to create value for its customers by offering customer satisfactory services and maintain a broad array of products for its customers to select from ,and ensuring timely delivery of products to exhibit high level of commitment towards their business and customers. The executives at should monitor and adjust to any changes in the business environment and perform market analysis to successfully formulate a customer-driven...
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