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  • Published : August 15, 2011
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Running head: Evolution Executive Summary Evolution Executive Summary

University of Phoenix Evolution Executive Summary

Amazon uses the components of a database to create usable knowledge for people. Amazon is moving away from being a just an online retailer and is competing with Google and Microsoft through business to business transactions based in data storage and data imagery. Many new components are used in Amazons Elastic Cloud Computing application to create data images for multiple user interfaces.

Database Components used by Data management issues

The components of a of a database are a logical grouping of data, tables, fields, values, query, forms, reports, modules and data base management system according to Rainer and Turban (2008). Amazon provides data storage (S3), applications they call elastic cloud computing (EC2), simpleDB and Mechanical Turk to other businesses. When businesses use S3 through Amazon special software extracts data from businesses and sends it to a data warehouse in summary form. Using EC2 users are able to design their own software applications (Myerson, 2008). The database components of EC2 very by region but contain Images, Security Groups, SSH Keys, Elastic IPs, EBS Volumes, EBS Snapshots that can not be shared between regions (Right Scale, 2009). All obtained from businesses for EC2 are an image of the original. According to Amazon (2009) simpleDB is a web application that allows users to interact with data indexing and querying quickly because it does not store the data in raw form.

Amazon offers a service which it calls the Mechanical Turk. Information is processed by humans and converted to usable knowledge through this service. The Mechanical Turk provides access to networks of people who process information that can only be processed by the human mind. End users can see the results of the EC2 service and the Mechanical Turk (Rainer &...
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