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  • Published : January 9, 2008
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Background Company was founded in 1994 began their first operation by doing online bookstore. Seattle, Washington was it first firm where it started doing services. First name for was which given by it's founder, Jeff Bezos due to his pronouns that he like.Amazon is an American e-commerce in terms of selling it's major goods via internet and it was an iconic stock, late1990.Eventhough it's get problem due to it business model still having their first annual profit in year of 2003.Finally Amazon .com come out with it first profit in the fourth quarter of being called as unusual initial business plan because of they didn't want to turn a profit over four to fiver years. Due to it slow growth in order to reach the profitability, being protest by their stakeholder. Profitable of this firm still continue for every year net income was US$35.3 million in 2003, US$588.5 million in 2004, US$359 million in 2005, and US$190 million in 2006. Currently this firm has being localize its website to six countries which are Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, China, and Japan.

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There are many particular aspect of e business that has successfully implemented by Beside sale books online, Amazon has steadily branched into retail sales of the music industry, electronic products, home improvement tools, food, jewelries and more. So customer has a lot of choices of goods to buy online. This can increase company's revenue and turnover. To retain customer's loyalty, has improved distribution and order fulfillment. It can allow million of customers around the world to access their website to purchase via online. Shipping delivery will also be done within 24 hours. They also provide fast and easy payment to supplier after their product has sold. For services, the support team will be available 7 days a week. To increase user's trustiness, use of...
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