Amazon Case Study

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Amazon Case Study
Assignment Questions:

1. What is Amazon’s business? [answer this question with a bulleted list] a. World largest online retailer
b. Selling products like books, digital movies/music, electronics/computers, clothes, toys, other home essentials and etc c. In-house consumer electronics
d. Cloud computing services

2. What are the business needs/problem that are addressed in the case? [use a table here with column one being the need/problem and column to a bulleted description of the need problem]

|Needs/Problems |Description | |To give customers a good experience and good prices in terms of |To operate Amazon’s own warehouse | |book selection |To control the transaction from start to finish | |Building Amazon’s own warehouse |Expensive to build and expensive to operate | | |Not much stock | | |The warehouse is totally computerized | | |Use a combination of high tech and manpower for product selection and dispatch | |Productivity of the warehouse |Redesigning a bottleneck to increase capacity | | |Reduce the cost of operating |

3. A table listing the needs and the corresponding...
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