Amazon Case Study

Topics:, E-book, Innovation Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Amazon has always sought to develop itself in order to remain as a leader among online commercial websites. Thanks to its strategy as “keeping one step further” Amazon has only a few competitors and keep going on his pursuit of progression today. Mainly known as an online retail bookstore, Amazon has over 1 million book for sale. In 2007, Amazon released an innovative reading device called “Kindle”. This device has a wireless connection and allows consumers to download, not only electronic books, but also magazines, newspapers and blogs. One year later The Kindle was the most electronic device wished by Amazon customers, and by the beginning of 2009 Amazon was already lunching is “Kindle 2”. But Amazon did not stopped on his pursuit of progression with only one technological innovation. The Amazon Web Service, also known as the “AWS” allows businesses to easily outsource work to an on-demand workforce to businesses worldwide. In other words, any business can easily find work force, thanks to the Internet, around the world. The launch of “Amazon digital content” allowed customers to download thousand of music’s (MP3 content). Today, it is even possible to download video content such as movies and documentary. As we can see, Amazon developed many technological innovations in order to remain as the market leader. Their aim to suggest always and always new services to its customers brings Amazon to the top level and to be present in every fields. For instance, the Amazon Kindle allowed people to carry thousands of books in a small tablet device. Today, the new “Kindle Fire HD” competes with the famous “Apple iPad”.
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