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  • Published: December 10, 2012
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ChannelAdvisor CEO, Scot Wingo's blog about all things related to selling on Amazon - successfully! Nov ember 24, 201 2
A couple of Amazon Holiday observations
For complete Amazon SSS cov erage, check out our sister site, eBay Strategies where we are closely tracking Amazon, eBay and other channels' performance for the holiday s.
I did receiv e a flurry of questions about Amazon from sellers that I wanted to address here: Is it true that Amazon is not participating in Google Shopping? Is Zappos now selling on Amazon?!
Is Am azon participating in Google Shopping?
To really determine this, y ou would hav e to do a comprehensiv e look at ev ery Amazon SKU to definitiv ely say y es or no. That being said, we hav e checked 20-30 top selling Amazon products (like this Samsung TV pictured below), and it does appear that Amazon is not adv ertising on Google v ia Google Shopping. Amazon is v ery activ e in the sponsored links howev er (adwords): (click to enlarge) Amazon is not activ e here as y ou can see, but they are the third sponsored listing on the left. The logical nex t question is why ? Only Amazon can tell y ou that, but the most common reason that retailers choose not to be in Google Shopping are: It is hard to manage - Google Shopping is this unusual marriage of paid-search concepts and CSE/datafeed concepts. It is not meeting ROI goals

Competitiv e concerns. Amazon my strategically not want Google shoppers to hav e a 'great ex perience' because that would potentially keep them from coming to Amazon as their first choice.
It's important to note that many of the Amazon owned companies like Zappos and Quidsi (, Is Zappos now selling on Am azon?
Sellers in the apparel catalog are reporting that they are now seeing Zappos selling on Amazon. Since the July 2009 acquistion of Zappos by Amazon, ev ery one in the industry has been a bit surprised there wasn't more integration between the two companies. For ex ample, why would Zappos inv entory not be used to 'fill out' the Amazon shoe category ? Why isn't Amazon inv entory used to at least surface products in Zappos search that hav e null results? Well, it appears there is finally some integration going on. Here is a listing for a popular Michael Kors handbag on Amazon: Here y ou can see that Zappos is now making some of its inv entory av ailable on Amazon, but not through the third-party marketplace (what Amazon calls Selling on Amazon), but through Amazon ProductAds. ProductAds is where any retailer can effectiv ely adv ertise on Amazon using a CPC economics and driv e traffic to y our site like a CSE.

It will be interesting to watch this to see how long it lasts and perhaps if Zappos sees great results, they will essentially take the plunge and sell v ia 3P on Amazon. This post written by Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdv isor. I am long Amazon and Google. eBay is an inv estor in ChannelAdv isor. Posted at 1 0:50 AM | Permalink | 0 Comments and 4 Reactions | TrackBack (0) Tweet This! Recommend 1

Nov ember 1 2, 201 2
E-commerce is a life-saver for Hurricane Sandy victims
We've all heard the horror stories from Hurricane Sandy, but it wasn't all bad news. We've put together the case study below to share an example of how one of our customers, Factory Authorized Outlet, helped out victims of the storm while also improving sales--a win win!

Factory Authorized Outlet to the rescue...
Hurricane Sandy wrecked hav oc on the Northeast last week, wiping out power and Wall Street for day s. As recov ery efforts continue this week, it’s worth noting that e-commerce continues to be an unsung hero in all this chaos. As most local brick-and-mortar stores boarded up their windows and remain closed for repairs, consumers turned to the internet for supplies and gear to surv iv e the storm. ChannelAdv isor customer, Factory Authorized Outlet, was definitely a life-sav er the past couple of weeks, supply ing many storm v ictims with generators. Using ChannelAdv...
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