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Topics: Mix, Input/output, Multitrack recording Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: November 21, 2011
1 What are the main features of the AES/EBU digital interconnect format? How many channels per cable, what type of connectors are used, etc? The AES/EBU format uses 110 ohm balanced cables with XLR connections and 2 channels. It supports PCM code.

2 Which digital interconnect format is found on a Tascam DA-88 digital multitrack recorder? 3 On the Yamaha 02R96, what is the function of the LAYER button? 4. How many inputs are there on a fully configured 02R96? 5. On the 02R96, what does Selected Channel mean? What parameters are shown in the selected channel area? 6. Where on the 02R96 do you set the digital clock settings? 7. In Studio A, outputs 1-8 on the Digidesign HD192 interface show up on which inputs on the 02R96? Which layer is this? In studio A, outputs 1-8 of the 192 are shown as inputs 25-32 of the O2R, layer 2.

8. On the 02R96, which aux sends are used to create a Cue Mix (headphone mix)? 9. On a mixing console like the 02R96, when you are setting levels of incoming microphones, should you use pre- or post-fader metering? Why? 10. Describe the required clocking settings on the 02R96, the Digidesign HD 192, and the Digidesign SYNC I/O so that the HD 192 is the clock master. 11. Before you EVER plug a microphone into ANYTHING in Studio A, which setting on the 02R96 should ALWAYS be switched off? Extra Credit! Do a little research, and tel me three other digital consoles besides the Yamaha digital mixers? How many inputs, subgroups, what other features are there, etc?

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