Amazing Facts

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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1. Blue whale weighs about 150 tonnes as much as 150 cars.
2. Marine iguana from Galapagos Islands lives only in sea for his whole life. 3. Reticulated python is ten metre long as long as 10 bicycles put in a row 4. Opera house is made up of sand, water, limestone and soil. 5. Plovers hop inside crocodile’s mouth to clean their teeth by eating up worms and insects. 6. banknotes are made up of cotton rags

7. Snakes do not blink as they do not have eyelids.
8. Giraffes and humans have same number of bones in their necks 9. Whale shark weighs about 40 tonnes
10. The longest word in English language is a name of a hill of New Zealand that is Ttaumatawhakatongihangakoauauotmateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwenuakit natahu. 11. Chameleons tongue is longer than its body.

12. MARS
13. MARINER robot was the 1stwho took first pictures
14. In July 1979,Viking 1 was the first to land on mars
15. In 1997,Mars pathfinder rocket took robot
16. It has frozen CO2 on North and south poles and there are towering mountains on South pole and Dusty plains on North pole 17. In 2004 rover rocket took 2 robots and they are still running on the Mars surface 18. Mt. OLYMPUS is the tallest mountain in the solar system

19. New world discovered in the deep sea of Antarctica in which there are 7 legged star fish, crabs e.t.c. 20. A sugar lump – piece of a white dwarf can weigh same to a car 21. Voyager 2 left earth in 1977 and reached Neptune on 1989 22. Saturn V was the tallest rocket which took the 1st people to moon 23. Hybird shark was founded recently in aussie waters

24. Uranus was the 1st planet to be discovered with telescope by William Herschel in1781 25. The brightest star constellation to be seen from night sky is SIRUS

* India has the highest bridge in the world . It is called Bailey Bridge and is located in Ladakh between the Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayas. It was built by...
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