Amazing Ashitaba

Topics: Stomach, Plant, Asthma Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Amazing Ashitaba, the “Tomorrow Leaf” and “King of Vegetables” It has been circulating among my circle of friends that the plant  ”ashitaba” has many benefits in treating several Chronic Diseases and google has it that Ashitaba has been successfully used in the following conditions: * Chronic hepatitis

* Poor blood cell reproduction and anemia
* Blood cleansing and purification
* High blood pressure
* Poor circulation
* Carcinoma
* Hangover
* Asthma and other breathing problems
* Common colds and flu
* Infertility (poor production of sperm)
* Diabetes and blood sugar imbalances
* Shoulder pain & stiffness and other muscle problems * Constipation (has laxative effects)
* Edema (acts as a natural diuretic)
* Neurosis (nerve problems including nerve damage)
* Hemorrhoids
* Gl tract disorders, including acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, * Chronic Fatigue achlorhydria
* stomach cancer
* duodenal ulcer
*  gastric atonia chronic enteritis
Aging of skin
What is Ashitaba?
Ashitaba is a lush green medicinal plant which is said to have originated from the northern Japanese island of Hachijo where the warm tropical currents pass by on their way North to meet the cold Arctic waters of the Pacific.  It was named Ashitaba, meaning“tomorrow’s leaf “  owing to its ability to reproduce its green stem and leaf almost on a daily basis, thereby interpreted as exhibiting a strong energetic life force or Qi.   Wow!  Amazing, right? Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi is the  scientific name of Ashitaba;  which comes from Latin name for “angel,”  because of it being a seemingly “heaven-sent” gift to mankind.  Research has it the inhabitants of Hachijo Island are well known for their longevity, because many people there commonly live well into their 90’s sporting good health at their age.    History has it that   Ashitaba has been an integral part of their diet for hundreds of years.  (Maybe we should do...
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