Amateur Sports vs. Professional Sports

Topics: Amateur sports, Professional sports, Amateur Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: February 7, 2011
In the Twentieth-Century, there were many differences from that of professional sports and amateur sports. In various sports there were different scandals that would later spark investigation and many concerns throughout the public. Such examples are the numerous colleges and universities that paid their best athlete in order to keep them happy. There have also been instances where these places of higher learning gave certain athletes special treatment such as giving them extended deadlines or exempting them from assignments altogether. It also has been a problem on occasions where eager parents and coaches obsessed with winning have put too much pressure on kids at a young age in order to prepare them for the so called “next level.” All of these examples are things that have played a role in the transformation of modern day sports. One example that shows how amateur sports has changed today’s sports is the fact that colleges and universities are doing whatever it takes to appease their star athlete and to be successful. In some cases in the 1900’s schools have paid athletes to help out with any problems they may be having. This action sends a message to athletes that they deserve to be in professional sports because they are getting paid. This has negatively impacted modern day sports not in just one sport, but multiple sports. Athletes are concerned more about making money rather than winning or having fun playing a particular sport. Another case in which colleges and universities were doing whatever it takes to be successful is they were giving their athletes special treatments. One treatment is that teachers are feeling so much pressure from coaches and administrators, they were extending deadlines, giving extra “help” and even excusing athletes from assignments. This has also negatively impacted professional sports because it has allowed athletes to have the mindset that that everything should be given to them and that they don’t need to follow rules. The...
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