Amanda Todd

Topics: Suffering, Suicide, Pain Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Amanda Todd’s Death Story

Jennifer Romero
Nov.16, 2012

Amanda Todd A Teenager from Vancouver committed suicide on October 10th 2012, because of bullying & cyber bullying. Her suicide quickly went viral and is drawing worldwide attention. Before Amanda Todd Committed Suicide She Had Posted a Video on YouTube telling her “Never Ending Story.” She Uses Index Cards to tell people of what she has been suffering. In her video Amanda talks about meeting new people through a webcam chat and how she found comfort there because she would be told that she was “beautiful” and “perfect.” It wasn’t until someone pressured her to flash her chest, that when all of her troubles began. A few years later the guy that had been forcing her to flash inbox her on Facebook he asked her to put on another show for him, but she refused. The guy sent the picture to classmates. Todd descended into drugs and alcohol and ill-advised flirtations and sex. She attempted suicide a few times before finally she succeeds. Amanda moved out of state she was still lonely no matter where she went she never had something to talk to. The guy had found out where she lived & to what school she went. He sent the picture to everyone in that state. Amanda said, “I can never get that photo back, it’s out there forever.” Amanda then goes on to describe getting involved with a boy who had a girlfriend, who then later beat her up while others videotaped. The emotional and physical pain caused Amanda to cut herself and even drink bleach in an attempt to kill herself. But she failed on killing herself.

My solution to prevent this from happening is to stop bullying everything comes back around eventually. Teens shouldn’t be getting on webcam chats cause everyone knows how guys. Nobody would want to die or suffer the way Amanda suffered. STOP BULLYING!
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