Amalia Rodrigues

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Amália Rodrigues
Fado is a fundamental part of the Portuguese culture, represents a population as a whole, and allows the listener to look in retrospect to the past and remember where they come from. Over the years there have been many “fadistas” for example, Dulce Pontes, and presently a great fadista, Mariza. However, there was one fadista that the people made connections too, and truly loved what she did, and was one of the first to put fado on the map and make it known worldwide. Her name was, Amália Rodrigues, and is considered the “Queen of Fado”. She didn’t write her own songs, in fact, people would write songs and have her sing them, and it was up to her to sing it or not. Amália was born one hundred years after the first fadista, Maria Severa was born. Over the years, Amália began to establish her seat in the world of fado, and instantly became known in worldwide and exposed fado to diverse cultures around the world.

One of Amália Rodrigues most notorious sons was “Nem às Paredes Confesso”. In this song, the listener can interpret that she is hiding something, and through the meaning of the title, she won’t confess it to no one, not even the walls. One of her lyrics in the song is the following, “De quem eu gosto, Nem às paredes confesso, E até aposto, Que não gosto de ninguém…” During her life she married once, but shortly divorced right after, and this probably explains the fourth line. She says that she bets that she doesn’t like anyone, and you can infer that she probably learned from her past relationship and for her things didn’t work out as planned. So by saying the last two lines, its inferred she probably doesn’t want to begin another relationship with a new person. From the first two lines you can infer that she keeps many things to herself. By saying that not even to walls she will confess her love for someone it shows that she doesn’t talk about her feelings with anyone. “Quem sabe se te esqueci, Ou se te quero, Quem sabe até se é por ti,...
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