Topics: Music, Opera, Ludwig van Beethoven Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Dr. Brent Harvey
MUS 1301-05

Amadeus begins in the 1820s, with an aging Antonio Salieri screaming “Mozart! I killed you!” and attempting suicide. After being taken to a mental hospital, Salieri is visited by a priest who comes to hear Salieri’s confession, and it is this confession that forms the film’s narrative and the root of Salieri’s agony. Before telling his confession, Salieri plays for the priest a few of his own musical pieces on the harpsichord. However, although years before these musical pieces had been nothing but popular and famous, they were now completely unrecognized by the priest. The film puts its focus on Antonio Salieri’s relationship/obsession with Mozart. Salieri, the narrator of the film, is a composer who becomes jealous and infatuated with Mozart and his works. Mozart does not show much of an appreciation for Salieri’s work, but Salieri still attends all of Mozart’s performances and believes that Mozart has been blessed with a gift from God. Salieri’s obsession with Mozart increases throughout the movie. When Salieri gets a chance to see some of Mozart’s original scores he seems to have an unhealthy fixation on them. Mozart proved to be a genius, one that the world will probably never see. His ability to compose and play his music is truly amazing. The jealousy of Antonio Salieri of Mozart talent is sickening. His sense of displaced anger with God and his lack of ability. Pushed him on a destructive path of destruction which landed him in the asylum in the first place. His lust for respect and power took away from his ability to do the work. That is one thing that showed how great his talent was. I thought it was weird that Mozart was telling Salieri what to write and he could not write it because he could not envision it in his head as he wrote. I think this is part of what took him so long to write it. I think that they tried to make you feel the sorrow of his death by not only showing the funeral and all the dark clothes, but...
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