Alzheimers Disease: Competing Treatments and Market Entry Considerations

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Alzheimers Disease: Competing Treatments and
Market Entry Considerations
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This report presents the findings of a clinical survey of current treatment practices for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). This was carried out following the participation of more than 220 physicians, practicing predominantly in the US. The purpose of this study was to establish current drug treatment practices for AD and how current drug classes, individually and in combination, are prescribed for mild, moderate and severe stages of the disease. As part of this survey, physicians reported on the principal challenges of treating this disease and these findings are presented, analysed and discussed in this report. This survey was also carried out to evaluate market entry factors, relating to the treatment of AD.

The treatment of AD remains an area of significant unmet need, with therapies based largely on two drug classes: the cholinesterase inhibitors and the NMDA receptor antagonists. These drugs target the symptoms of the disease, however there is considerable need for disease-modifying therapies. Other therapeutic agents are used to treat this...
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