Alzheimers Disease an Analysis of Primary Caregiving and Our Health Care System by Analyzing the Movie Away from Her

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Alzheimer’s Disease: An analysis of Away From Her

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Alzheimer’s disease causes the victims and their loved ones to experience pain and loss (Sorrentino, 2004). The role of the health care professional is critical in helping a family cope with this disease (Sorrentino, 2004). In the movie away from her, the care provided to Fiona and Grant was not adequate in meeting their needs. This is also occurring presently in our health care system.√ Alzheimer’s disease is defined as an illness that usually affects people over 65 ( Sims & Odle ,2006) . It affects the nerve cells responsible for storing memories which affects a person’s ability to think, understand, remember, and communicate( Sims & Odle ,2006). It is also considered progressive and irreversible ( Sims & Odle ,2006). This movie is about the stages portrayed through the wonderful love story between Fiona and Grant. In the beginning of the movie, as the disease began to show signs in Fiona, Grant lovingly took on the role of primary caregiver. He met all her needs, but he seemed quite and observant on his wife’s changing behaviour. At first they were small things like putting the frying pan in freezer or forgetting her train of thought. It became more disturbing as her memory loss caused her to become lost and disoriented during cross country skiing until Grant could find her. It was at this point that Fiona had pretty much declared it as being in this stage now. By providing in-home care for Fiona, Grant may have been able to have some respite needed in the daily grind of caring for Fiona. That’s right…prior to her admission, Fiona was independent with her ADLs and was just starting to need help and supervision with her IADLs – she did not need help with her personal care. She could well have stayed at home with minimal formal support until her condition deteriorated As the movie progressed into the next stage, Grant struggled on making the decision...
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