Alzheimer's Disease: Cause, Prevneiton, and Public Helath

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Alzheimer's Disease: Cause, Prevneiton, and Public Helath

By | November 2012
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Jeffery Johnson
Hlt 215
Research Paper: Alzheimer’s Disease: Causes, Prevention, and Public Health Word Count: 3200
The Disease of the Mind
“Alzheimer's ... it is a barren disease, as empty and lifeless as a desert. It is a thief of hearts and souls and memories.”- Nicholas Sparks
Growing old is something that we all must do and with age comes disease, cancer, and other abnormalities. Over the years, people gather a lifetime of memories. When a person develops Alzheimer’s they begin to lose these precious memories. It is a sickness where one seems to lose their personality and even their identity. Sometimes Alzheimer’s is inevitable, but we can reduce the chances of onset though proper dieting, maintaining one’s blood pressure, exercise, taking care of overall health, and getting tested for being predisposed to Alzheimer’s, so that you can find out early to get preventative care. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disorder. The disease normally progresses over two to twenty years. After being diagnosed, people normally live eight to ten more years. The disease is most common in people over the age of sixty-five. It is estimated that five million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet). A third to two thirds of people with Alzheimer’s end up dying from pneumonia (Bregje). This disease ranks in the top ten for deaths in the United States (Alzheimer's Foundation of America).Sharon Inouye states, that Alzheimer's expenses are around a $100 billion per year in the United States. This disease is the third priciest disease in the United States (Inouye).

Alzheimer’s is important to me because learning about prevention is key in preventing the disease for those I care about, as well as myself. If someone develops Alzheimer’s, I want to know everything I can to be the best possible caregiver. Learning about the disease can help in the fight to prevent it and help control it.At this time there is no known cure for...

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