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what to do when you are in grade 11:
-visit school counsellor and talk to your teachers about picking a major; review what courses you have taken and what prerequisites you need for university. -Discuss affordability of post-secondary education with your parents -Begin extracurricular activities; many undergrad programs do not consider extracurriculars during admissions, but they could help u land scholarship. - buckle down and study; strong Grade 11 marks could help you obtain an early offer of admission. October:

- If interested in U.S. schools, register for SAT, offered five times a year; visit for dates. January:
- Update your counsellor about your recent history and future plans; explore scholarship oppotunities with him or her. Febraury:
-Go online and start researching individual programs; become aware of program's prerequisities and early admission dates, as well as the university's scholarship opportunities; start organizing this information. March:

-Use the March break to tour the campuses of your prospective schools. - Attend any career and education fairs that may be happening in your area to explore various career options -Quebec students: first deadline to apply to CEGEP; some have two or three admissions deadlines per year. April:

-Look for a summer job or volunteer opportunity that will beef up your resume. May:
- Prepare your scholarship applications: personal statements, essays, resume, refrences; it is time-consuming progress, so block off your time for it and have someone proofread your work. August:
-Update your portfolio with Grade 11 marks, plus any work and extracurricular experience.

When you are in grade 12:
-Narrow your choice of programs to a handful: know the programs' application and scholarship deadlines; cut-off dates can vary significantly depending on which program or school you are...
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