Always Running

Topics: Gang, Luis J. Rodriguez, Writing Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: January 6, 2013
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Luis J. Rodriguez
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Dear Luis J. Rodriguez,

I am an eleventh grader at Westview High School, and in my literary class we did a memoir unit. In this unit we were given a choice of two memoirs to read. Out of those two books I selected your piece, Always Running. Truthfully I didn’t have much reasoning behind choosing your book other than that it seemed a lot more interesting than our other option, and my teacher played it up by saying it was “full of sex and violence.” Although I have no real argument on why I choose your book over the other, I am extremely satisfied that I did.

The novel explored the issues surrounding gang life, the life of poverty and also got incite on cities throughout LA that are greatly influenced by Latino culture. With that, I think the overall theme of this piece is standing up and fighting for what you believe. When you were younger, you were pushed around by the school and legal system because of many factors. Some being, that you did not know English, and you grew up in poverty. As an adolescent you were involved in a number of gangs activities and witnessed many deaths. Despite your reputation, you stood up to your school principal and fought for equality among the students. Years later you stood up to the police when you saw them harassing a drunk Mexican woman. You also protested against the Vietnam war later on in life. All of the stands that you took ended with you suspended or in prison, but still you never gave up and never stopped fighting for what you believed to be right.

Your book doesn’t necessarily require extremely deep thought, but it does get you thinking. I believe that in your book there are many morals/ lessons that if not looked for could possibly be missed. Taking the environment that you grew up in into...
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