Alveolar Bone

Topics: Osseous tissue, Cortical bone, Teeth Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: April 7, 2013
ALVEOLAR BONE Prof. Dr. Al Faour What is the alveolar bone part of?| The maxilla or mandible that supports and protects the teeth| How is the alveolar bone apart of the periodontium?| The cementum of the tooth is attached to it though the PDL| Is the alveolar bone easily remodeled then cementum? If so how does it correlate with orthodontic?| Yes, thus allowing orthodontic tooth movement| When viewing a stained histological section, the remodeled alveolar bone shows what?| Arrest lines and reversal lines, as does all bone tissue| What is the weight of mature alveolar bone?| 60% mineralized or inorganic material, 25% organic material, and 15% water| The crystalline formation of alveolar bone consists of mainly what?| Calcium hydroxyapatite| What is also present in the formation of alveolar bone in smaller amounts?| Potassium, manganese, magnesium, silica, iron, zinc, selenium, boron, phosporus, silfur, chronium, and others.| The maxilla or mandible is compoused of two types of bone tissue, which are?| Alveolar bone and Basal bone| The part that contains the roots of the teeth ( also called the alveolar process or alveolar ridge) is called?| Alveolar bone| The part apical to the roots of the teeth is called?| Basal bone| What forms the body of the maxilla or body of the mandible?| Basal bone| What type(s) of bone tissue is covered by periosteum?| Alveolar bone and Basal bone| The alveolar bone is divided into what?| The alveolar bone proper and the supporting alveolar bone.| Microscopically, both the alveolar bone proper and the supporting alveolar bone have the same components which are?| Fibers, cells, intercellular substance, nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatics.| What is the lining of the tooth socket or alveolus called?| Alveolar bone proper| Although the alveolar bone proper is composed of compact bone, it may be called the?| Cribriform plate| What contains numerous holes...
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