Alumni System

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1.0 Introduction
A University is a growing academic institution. Number of under graduates and post graduates pass out each year and play their role in the different departments of the life i.e. commerce, science, Technology and textile. Maintaining the records of these vary students is an important task. Those students who left the university after completion the master or under graduates programs are called alumni of the university. System is a productive, integrated, and extensible software development life-cycle tools platform that helps software teams by improving communication and collaboration throughout the software development process.

A well-designed alumni system ensures that data are readily available to manage the education system efficiently and to effectively meet the needs of alumnus/alumni. 2.1 Background

This study involves the development of a computerized alumni system for a college. The main focus of the system is on teamwork to analyze the systems requirements. Separate alumni data become an alumni system when they are linked together or made accessible to perform one or more critical functions. These functions may include generating reports, adding/deleting/changing records, and making alumni ID. Like individual, alumni records may be housed in several ways: as paper files in filing cabinets, on microfilm, in computer files, or in a combination of methods. To improve the efficiency and usefulness of data, many schools, school districts, and state education agencies have entered their alumni data into automated databases. Automated systems using available computer technology offer tremendous advantages over traditional paper systems. However, most computerized systems still rely on paper records at various stages within the system.

The role of a system can’t be ignored doing things faster, doing things better, and doing thinks smarter these all traits are possible just because of two words, Alumni system. To get contact with the old students and to provide the assistance to this old student for their future progress in all field of life and maintain the record of the passing out students.

2.2 Problems in the System

1.2.1 General Problem

Alumni Organization does not have already a computerized tracking system of the alumni. As such, they are having a hard time in recording all the data of the graduate students because there is existing error in data entry and duplication also.

1.2.2 Specific Problems

* How to create a program that will maintain the records of the under graduates and post graduates pass out each year?
- They manage their record now by using paper files and Microsoft Excel application. In managing the records now there is some problem in which some files or alumni list has been misplaced and there’s an error in recording a data about the under graduates.

* How to create a program that will help the clerks assess the records of the alumni easily? - By recording the data of alumni they need to give more time in recording a data because first they record the data in paper files and then recording again into excel. It is time consuming.

* How to create a program that will be used to manage and organize all the data in the organization effectively and efficiently? -They manage the records now in paper files and encoding its records in the MS Excel. The records or data are not well organized in this way of managing alumni data.

1.2 Objectives of the proposed system

1.3.3 General Objectives
To develop a system of alumni that will help them to record and organize the alumni record effectively and efficiently. And to build a system that will serve as the ID maker. 1.3.4 Specific Objectives

The following objectives below are identified as specific objectives in the design and development of this proposal:

* To create a program that will maintain the records of the...
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