Alumni Study

Tags: Usability, Reliability engineering


A Thesis presented to the faculty of
School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science

In partial fulfilment with the requirements
In the subject “Thesis in Computer Science”

Submitted by:
Landicho, Abegail P.
Mendoza, Fe M.

Submitted to:
Mr. Ferdinand Rubio
1.1Background of the Study
As a result of modern technology, Alumni Registration has also invaded the net through online system. Online Alumni Registration is better than manual for fast and effective registration. Based on the research of the proponent Taguig City University, registration office faced a lot of problem regarding manual registration process. In this case, the proponent decides to develop a website that will help registrar in the process of registration. A site that can benefit both the University and Alumni in terms of time, money and effort. The site is designed to make the process more accessible. The site offered not only the registration but also meet the needs of the Alumni. The site features announcement of events for the alumni to be updated about their former university.

1.2Current State of Technology
Now a day the development of technology become fast and new invention appears. The manual process becomes computerized and now online process. Online registration is better than the manual. It is easier to register via net than to go to the university to register.

1.3Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the study is to develop an online system for Taguig City University Alumni, specially: •To create a web-based system for all Taguig City University Alumni to build up camaraderie via online; •To create and develop an ID System for Taguig City University Alumni; •Create database for the members of Alumni;

To help alumni become aware of the latest news and events of University.

1.4Statement of the problem
Why there a need of...
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