Alumni Information System Features for Future University

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Alumni Information System for Future University
System Features:
Listed below is a brief overview of the system functionality initially. It provides a simple and quick explanation of the requirements that can be further expanded.

Summary of Requirements:

Module 1
Directory Search
1.Search by Faculty, Department, Programme, Year of Graduation 2.Search by Name (Last Name , First Name at the time of Graduation) Module 2
Alumni Registration
1.Graduates can to REGISTER his/her information for the first time. 2.Graduates can registered already and should be able to UPDATE his/her information 3.Graduates can REMOVE his/her information from the Alumni Directory Module 3

News & Events
1.Graduates can upload Events News for the alumni.
4.Graduates can REMOVE/Update the uploaded news or events from the Alumni Application 2.Graduates can send the e-mails to all alumni or friends the news updates once the News/Events uploaded on the application. Module 4

Job Module
1.Graduates can also post available jobs for the rest of alumni. 2.Graduates can able to REMOVE/Update the uploaded jobs from the Alumni Application 3.Graduates can able to send the e-mails to all alumni or friends the job alerts. Module 3

Tell a Friend
1.Friend’s e-mail address
2.Your Name, Your e-mail address
3.Message to Friend

Information’s to be captured:

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Father’s / Guardian Name , Date-of Birth, E-mail, Phone-No, Faculty, Department, Programme, Batch or Year of Admission, Year of Graduation , Currently working in, Designation etc

Need Further Enhancement and more barnstorming in information have to be captured…..

Functional Requirements of the System:
General Functional Requirement:

The general requirements described below are the pertinent and more specific aspects of the application to be developed. In short, these are the “high level,” priority one requirements that will provide the foundation for the application itself.

1.The application will be developed as a web page, and will thus be written primarily in HTML,PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, XML and support W3C standards.

2.The application will provide alumni with a user registration system and a means to store his or her personal info and FU History.

3.The application will provide alumni with a means to create and announce events/news and reconnect with other alumni through e-mail.

User Features:

1.The system interface will allow registered users who are logged into the system to search for other registered system users. The search will provide users the option to search for other currently registered users by the Faculty, Department, Programme and/or by the date of graduation from each University. This search will also provide users the option to search for other registered users by first and last name at the time of the graduation.

2.The system interface will allow registered users who are logged into the system to edit their system information. User system information includes all personnel Informations as well as the professional informations like work experience etc. although some entries would be optional.

3.The system interface will allow registered users who are logged into the system to send personal email messages to registered and potential users (users whom do not have an existing system account). To contact other registered users, the other registered user's current first and last name will be required by the system. To contact a potential user, a current email address will be required. The messages will be sent to the appropriate user's personal email client, and will not be accessible from the system.

4.The system interface will allow registered users who are logged into the system to add, modify, or remove Events/News. Event fields will include Faculty name, year of graduation, date of event, location of event, URL address, and room for “additional...
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