Altruism Essay 6

Topics: Bird, Natural selection, Evolution Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: September 28, 2008

One of the main parts of evolution is natural selection. Natural selection in evolution eliminates the weak from the animals most fit for their environment. If evolution is true why do animals do things that would be against the rules of natural selection?

We can find the answer to this question by searching nature itself. Certainly all living things must seek out food and safety, and every animal must hunt for nourishment and become aggressive in its own defense. However, this is not the only thing at work. The great majority of animals display selfless acts of devotion for their offspring, families, and for other animals in the herd or in some cases, even for other species. The animals often display behaviors that show devotion and cooperation, solidarity and guarding one another's interests.

The theory of evolution, claiming that nature is only a place warfare, can in no way explain these examples of devotion. Living things disprove evolution's main claim, clearly and definitely. Natural selection can never explain why a zebra that has just escaped a predators' attack risks its own life by returning to save other members of its endangered herd-nor, for that matter, why the silverside fish should risk death by coming ashore to help ensure the survival of their eggs. According to the claims made by evolutionists, natural selection should have eliminated this kind of behavior long ago.

Vampire bats are pretty altruistic, too, regurgitating blood for members of the group that haven’t eaten. Sterile worker bees, which are incapable of conscious thought, let alone moral behavior, are about as altruistic as a living creature can be: they give their lives so their queen may reproduce

Some of the astonishing and admirable behaviors exhibited by animals, which have no power of intellect disprove evolution. Anyone of reason and conscience will easily understand that such behavior can...
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