Altruism Essay 4

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Passionate , enthusiastic and helpful people will not change their perspective to offer help . Altruism is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others . Behaviors like altruism exist because the needs of the society and the needs of the individual . Certain people are contributive and caring to offer any helps regardless of what the situations are, and altruism exist here . Factors do not decide anyone to be altruistic , but personalities do . Social factors , religion factors , and culture factors are not influential to those altruistic people. In this case , the unselfish people will not swift their attitude to offer help although the presence of others, the reciprocity norm and the social exchange theory .

Dedicating their life , devoting themselves to selfless services , sacrificing their freedom , comfort , security and prestige , people like Norman Bethune , Mother Teresa , and Mohammad Gandhi ,are the examples of altruism . Somehow , there are might some people who often fail to assist people in the urgent need of help due to the presence of others . Back In 1985 , for instance , a man who tried to stop a group of teenagers who had stolen candy from a counter , was intensely beaten while more than hundred people passed by , and did nothing ; not even called for help . Bystander effect is no longer a major concern for altruistic people . They will afford to help at any time to any people . In many research ,people who offered help , will eventually feel more happy than those who do not . Reciprocity , the expectation that we should return help , not harm , to those who have helped us . In recent world , most people tend to help if only they will get the feedback one day , but then altruistic people , will offer help even there is no rewards or feedback . In Malaysia , for instance , one teenager was splashing by the wave at the river , at the urgent circumstances , there was a Malay guy who saved the teen . Before , on the way to river , the...
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